How to naturally cure heartburn – 2 common tips

Are there really foods that naturally cure heartburn? Heartburn victims often seek alternative treatment for most antacids works for a limited time. According to experts, mainly due to the acidity of the food they eat in the body. Therefore, diet plays an important role in curing heartburn.

If you have a poor diet and unhealthy they are more likely to suffer from heartburn. There is no treatment that works for you unless you make some changes in your diet. certain food inhibits the function of the sphincter. At the top of your stomach muscle flap called LES or lower esophageal sphincter allows food you eat to enter the stomach and keeps them there; by eating foods that trigger heartburn, damage to the sphincter and gastric acid into the esophagus, causing pain and a burning sensation.

If you experience frequent heartburn, the sphincter will be more damage and most antacids will no longer work for you. Apples can neutralize the acid in the stomach, which in turn provide assistance. Apples contain tartaric and malic acids are responsible for neutralizing stomach acid. abdominal pressure is reduced and it will cause a little heartburn attack. You can eat an apple every day and do not feel any side effects.

If you make changes to your existing diet, you may still be able to heal damaged sphincter and cure heartburn.

What two foods that naturally cure heartburn?

Well, there are some foods that can be eaten to cure heartburn, but so far, the second is the most effective:

Apples – As an apple a day keeps the doctor away cliche to say ‘ “As grandparents and her mother say, apples can do wonders in your life is really an effective remedy for heartburn If you feel, burning and creating a painful sensation in the area chest, you can eat apples, it can prevent attacks, it’s up to you whether you are going to eat the whole apple or only a small part of it.

Bananas as a natural heartburn remedy

Bananas – a lot of people think that eating bananas can only make heartburn worse. However, it is a very good relief from heartburn. You can eat dry or fresh bananas. One good thing about this fruit is that you can incorporate into your diet and delicious. According to some doctors, bananas are a natural antacid. Fruit helps neutralize stomach acid. Within a few minutes, you can already feel the banana work in your stomach. Instead of taking the conventional antacids, eating bananas. If you can not take a banana with you, try a banana or sliced dried powder. food stores usually sell them and quite affordable. By eating a banana, the stomach lining to produce more mucus, providing relief.

Natural Heartburn Relief with Apples

Apples and bananas have one thing in common – they contain a natural antacid. When you go to the grocery store, do not forget to buy apples and bananas. Always have at your fingertips so you can prevent heartburn attacks.

Different treatment of heartburn can work effectively in a wide variety of people. Each of us is different in our sensitivities and peculiarities. Find what works best for you to keep a food diary and eliminate what spices in food cause acidity. This way, you can avoid the attack of heartburn. Also keep in mind that a lot of heartburn drugs to choose from, you may find it difficult to choose the right medicine for your health condition. Over the years, many spices / herbs have been used to treat different health conditions, including heartburn.

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